Steel Machete Wholesale


We produce and wholesale steel machete products from Dingzhou, China.

Produce 20000 pcs of machete/knife per day


Register No.:

130102000086088 in Shijiazhuang city, China

tel 0086-311-80694375
Our Sugarcane Machete Mainly exported to South Africa, Braza, India, Mexico,... They are welcomed by Sugarcane farmers...
The Corn Machete welcomed use by our clients from America, Braza, India, Mexico...
Our Steel Machete made by 1.8mm or 2.0mm steel, Styles from M204, M 205, and so on, details pls click here...

17 years experiences to produce machete, knife, and wholesale machete and knife, Our factory located in Dingzhou City, China.

Our main market: Africa, South American, Asian, and some buyers in Europe and North America...

machete tools

Styles of our Machete products:

A: Corn machete, sugarcane machete, sugar cane machete, wood handle machete, stainless steel machete, cane machete, sugarcane knife, grass machete, mowing machete, machete knife for farmers, agriculture machete, ;

B: Gardening machete, garden machete,steel machete, grass machete, hunting knife, steel cutlass, cutlass machete, jungle knife machete, for gardening and outdoor expedition.

Corn machete-No.443/18" corn knife Sugarcane machete-M250
sugarcane machete with hood-M213A cane machete 213D cane machete 205c
long wood handle sugarcane machete M229 Mowing machete M252 sugarcane machete M471A


Our Machete Knife including:

East Africa Design:

We Export our machete knife to East Africa, including sugarcanee machete, corn knife, grass machete , Grass slasher, have more than 20 styles, they have different shape and size.
  More details pls click here.
east africa machete knife-M208A east africa machete knife-M214 east africa cane machete-M212


Southeast Asia Design:

Our Southeast Asia Design machete including many different styles and shapes: corn machete, corn knife are welcomed by the farmers, sugarn cane machete, cane knife are our most popular saled machete products.
  Pls click here for more details of our Southeast Asia Design machete
Southeast Asia cane machete-M205F Southeast Asia Corn knife-M2002A-20" Southeast Asia sugarcane machete-M1779A


South Africa Design:

The South Africa Design machete knife including long wood handle machete, corn machete with hood, long sugarcane machete knife, plastic handle and wood handle available.
  More details of our South Africa Design machete Knife...
south africa design machete 321A south africa machete design-sugarcane machete knife-213B South Africa Corn Machete knife


South America Design:

Our Corn machete and sugarn cane machete knife saled to South America market, as well as mowing machete, corn knife, made by different size, from short machete to long machete.
  More details of South America Design machete and knife...
South America machete design-sugarcane machete M205D Mowing machete M252 South America knife design-corn knife M205B


West Africa Design:

including many different styles and shape of the sugarcane machete, corn machete, cane knife, sugar cane knife, short machete, long machete, short knife, long handle machete...
  More details of our West Africa Deisign machete knife...
M1778A-22-West Africa cane machete knife M206A-19.5-West Africa Design corn machete knife M2200-14"-West Africa Design - corn machete knife
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