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Sugarcane Knife Tools M206


Details of Sugarcane Knife Tools M206

Our Sugarcane machete is widely used in the cutting of the sugarcane, corn, tall grasses, heavy undergrowth and thick vegetation etc.

Sugarcane Machete - M206E



Wooden Handle for this Sugarcane Machete, Polished, Machete blade 65Mn steel sheet,Thickness: 1.5-2.2mm ,
Long-tested antirust technology of machete blade surface

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1. blade material of the sugarcane machete: 65Mn steel and tempered heat treated with strict checking .

2. size of the sugarcan machete:18''

3. pretty appearance with shinning surface

4. blade color of our sugarcane machete knife: white 

5. handle of the sugarcan machete: wood or plastic

6. No. of the rivets on the sugarcan machete handle: 3

7. the thickness of the sugarcane machete: 1.6-2.0mm

8. the hardness of the sugarcane machete: 47-50°c

9. shelf life: more than 12 months to store in oil membrane, finished product knife surface for preventing rust technique developed by our factory, light lasting. and also according to the customer request to provide no platinum, lead-free, avirulent varnish. 

Our English speaker representatives are waiting you contact us for inquiry and trial orders now!

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